About Nicole and the Origin of jorjet


CHILDHOOD: Born and raised in Los Altos Hills, CA (attended Loyola Elementary, Blach Junior High, and Saint Francis High School).

SCHOOL: BA in Communication from Santa Clara University & MBA from Hult International Business School in London, UK and Shanghai, China.

SOUL SEARCHING TIME: Spent a year in Buenos Aires, Argentina backpacking throughout South America and teaching English.

BEFORE Jôr'Jet Boutique: PR & Marketing for various clients; Entrepreneurial restaurant venture; Corporate Communications/M&A at Cisco.

FASHION BACKGROUND: During her MBA program in Shanghai, Nicole worked on a Growth & Innovation Project for Samsung Fashion where her and her team were tasked with developing a go-to-market strategy for introducing Samsung Fashion’s apparel lines to the Chinese marketplace. It was this project that ignited Nicole’s entrepreneurial spirit and inspired her to begin exploring creative ways in which she might combine her business background with her appreciation and passion for fashion.

PERFECT DAY: Exploring a new city with my husband and our puppy GiGi, shopping and eating our way through town! 

CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram @nicoleashleycastro
Twitter @nicoleacastro



While on their honeymoon on Praslin Island, Seychelles, store owner Nicole and her husband Bryan fell in love with a beautiful secluded beach called “Anse Georgette” They later named their first puppy Georgette (Gigi for short). When naming the boutiques, it was important to Nicole that the name was not only unique but also carried significance. Both Nicole and Bryan gravitated back to the name “Georgette” and after doing a bit more research behind the name’s meaning, they were both happily surprised to learn that “Georgette” in noun form, is “a thin silk or crepe dress material.” The phonetic spelling is /jôrˈjet/ and it had a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it. It was chic and sophisticated, unique and memorable, and most importantly it carried significance to Nicole and Bryan. The decision was made in that moment, and Jôr'Jet and Jôr'Jet on State was born.

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